Reset/Regulate Area

By definition, the purpose of the Reset/Regulate area is to assist those students whose lack of emotional controls prohibit the student from continued participation in on-going classroom activities. Therefore, the primary purpose of removing the student from the classroom is not one of punishment, but rather as an intervention, to provide a neutral environment in which he/she can review their inappropriate responses within the classroom and explore techniques to more effectively cope with similar circumstances in the future. In addition to behavioral interventions, the Reset/Regulate area teacher will offer academic instruction, which will assist those students who are trying to escape from doing class work. The goal of the Reset/Regulate process is to minimize the frequency and duration of students being excluded from the classroom setting.

The process will be as follows: the presenting behavior(s) will be explored, alternative strategies discussed, academic instruction will be given, and the criteria for the student 's return to the classroom will be established. A student will not be returned to the classroom until he/she has demonstrated sufficient emotional controls to justify their return. The goal will be to return the student to the classroom as soon as it is determined that the student has a reasonable chance of successful performance within the less structured setting. In general, it is most likely that any given student will be involved in the process for a minimum of one class period.

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